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Recovering from a stroke or brain injury can feel very lonely, but the NeuroNerds are here to help through their love of all things nerd! Each Monday, join Joe Borges and his co-host Lauren Manzano as they share stories from their personal recovery journeys; offer tips for coping and thriving; interview fellow survivors and experts; and talk about their theories for the next big Marvel film. If you’re a stroke or brain injury survivor, a caregiver or family member of a survivor or just a big lover of nerd culture, this podcast is for you.

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    The Punisher, Jigsaw & TBI's

    The latest season of Netflix and Marvel's The Punisher is really putting a spotlight on TBI's through the main villain, Billy Russo aka Jigsaw's experience recovering from his brain injury. So naturally, our co-hosts Joe and Lauren are discussing this in detail along with touching on John Wick, PTSD and Joe's most recent frustrations with his memory post-stroke. What are some of your biggest challenges post brain injury? Please share with us on our socials.

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    Brain Buddy Interview with Stroke Survivors Never Quit

    It's our 50th episode! Which means we're just a few episodes away from our 1-year anniversary! In this episode Joe interviews another one of his #BrainBuddies, Jamie Coyle, creator of Stroke Survivors Never Quit. Former hockey player turned activist, Jamie suffered an adolescent stroke. She shares her recovery journey, dealing with people who don't understand her deficits and how helping other survivors is her mission. Plus her partner, Kayla joins in to give some insight on being a support system for a loved who has suffered from a stroke. If you are a family member, partner or caregiver to a stroke survivor, what are some ways you support your loved one through their recovery journey and "new normal" life post-stroke?

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    Stroke of Genius Quantum Realm Interview

    In this episode our host Joe, interviews the creators of Stroke of Genius - stroke survivor, filmmaker and producer, Kyle Mengelkamp and his creative partner Liam Alexander. They talk about recovery, dealing with bullies, their new creative venture with Arianna Huffington's new Thrive platform and their plans to share stories and build a community centered around triumph. What is your story of triumph? Share with us on our socials.

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    What is The NeuroNerds? 2019 Trailer

    The NeuroNerds is a podcast for stroke and brain injury survivors and anyone who loves nerd culture. Subscribe now.

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    Nerdy Marvel Scatting

    Off the cuff and jazzy, co-hosts Joe and Lauren scat their way through this uber nerdy episode with a focus on the MCU and all things Marvel. They're talking potential Marvel spin-off shows with Loki and Bucky Barnes, the future of Netflix Marvel shows and their predictions for future films. Sort of Spoilers ahead! What are your predictions and hopes for the MCU in 2019?

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    Lauren Khaleesi, Mother of Concussions

    Co-host Lauren is our resident twerking, dragon Kahleesi, mother of concussions and in this episode she and our host Joe dive deep into her concussion recovery journey as well as her initial experience of being diagnosed with a severe concussion after a car accident. She shares the main signs of a concussion, tips on recovery and how she copes with her "new normal" post-concussion. Playing computer games was really relaxing for Lauren during her recovery. What are some tools and activities that helped our concussion survivor listeners?

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    Brain Foods with Chef Jamie Gwen and Chef Ally Live From Live On Green

    Join our host Joe Borges for our very first live episode of The NeuroNerds interviewing celebrity Chef Jamie Gwen and Chef Ally at the festival Live On Green in Pasadena leading up to the Rose Parade. Joe hosted their Culinary Cues stage all three days of the festival from December 29th-31st this year and was given the opportunity to record and film a live episode with the chefs. They talk about Joe's recovery and how eating healthy makes a big impact in the recovery of all stroke and brain injury survivors. Both chefs offer tips and tricks to make healthy food yummy and serve up some delicious brain healthy recipes. They also offer tips to incorporate healthy foods into your daily routine. What are some of your favorite healthy foods?

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    JoeSoloRocks The New Year

    It's New Years and our host Joe is doing a special solo episode reflecting on all the things he is grateful for in this past year. Plus he shares his goals and plans for 2019! What are your goals for 2019?

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    'Twas The Night Before Christmas...

    It’s Christmas Eve and The NeuroNerds are going full holiday in this episode! Co-hosts Joe and Lauren talk about Christmas, Hanukkah, Saturnalia, Winter Solstice and other winter celebrations from around the world. Plus they talk about their plans for NeuroNerds YouTube videos in 2019 and setting goals for the new year. What are you plans for the holidays and goals for the New Year? Happy Holidays from The NeuroNerds!

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    Beating The Holiday Blues

    Co-hosts Joe and Lauren offer tips and techniques for coping with the stresses, depression, anxiety and overstimulation often caused by the holidays. The holidays can be tough for anyone not to mention someone with a brain injury so they give a unique perspective to enjoy this happy time of year to the fullest and of course sprinkle in some holiday nerdom. What are some ways you cope with the holidays?

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