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At 39 years old, Joe Borges suffered a stroke in 2016 which, interestingly enough, changed his life for the better. He ended up gaining a new lease on life and now he is on a mission to live it to the fullest. Inspired to share his experience with other stroke and brain injury survivors along with anyone else who will listen, he created 'The NeuroNerds' podcast. He along with his co-host, Lauren Manzano, who is also a brain injury survivor, talk recovery, offer tips for coping and thriving.

Plus they're both big nerds and fans of all things comics, movies and pop culture which is always an underlying theme in every episode. Laugh, learn, cry, be uplifted and inspired by Joe, Lauren and the various guests featured on 'The NeuroNerds'.

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    The NeuroNerds: Episode 24 - Disney Princess Hair Magic

    Joe and Lauren are talking all about their favorite Disney Princesses from the classics like Snow White to the new school like Mulan to the newly inducted Star Wars Princess Leia! What’s a Disney Princess without magical hair? They talk about their favorite hair powers and how important hair becomes when facing surgery for brain injuries. Who’s your favorite Disney Princess and if you could have any hair power, what would it be?

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    The NeuroNerds: Episode 23 - Mimi And The Brain

    This episode features our first remote interview! Our first interviewee is with fellow brain injury survivor, Mimi Hayes. Mimi is currently living in New York living the creative life as a comedian and soon to be published author just a few short years after suffering a cavernous angioma that hemorrhaged in her brain. Defying all odds, Mimi is flourishing and her book “I’ll Be OK, It’s Just a Hole in My Head” will be published on September 18, 2018. Listen to co-host Joe Borges and Lauren Manzano interview this inspiring NeuroNerd superstar!

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    The NeuroNerds: Episode 22 - SD Comic Con 2018 with NeuroNerd Field Reporter Ash

    It’s a special San Diego Comic Con 2018 episode of The NeuroNerds! Not only is this episode is jam packed with nerd news from Comic Con, but also on-location interviews with our NeuroNerd adjacent correspondent, Ashley Hopson who attended Comic Con and gave us some inside news, scoops, reactions and fun from the convention in-person. Joe and Lauren give lots of their reviews as well plus theories and hopes for what’s to come in the world of nerdom. Joe also discusses PTSD and dealing with overstimulation at large events like Comic Con.

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    The NeuroNerds: Episode 21 - IT is Nerdy Cosmic Horror

    IT, H.P. Lovecraft and all things Cosmic Horror are the focus of co-hosts Joe Borges and Lauren Manzano in this scary edition of The NeuroNerds. They talk about their favorite horror movies, the varying types of horror genres and dissect the novel turned movie, IT at length so major spoiler alert! What are your favorite horror movies?

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    The NeuroNerds: Episode 20 - Favorite Families of Nerdom

    Lauren is back just in time for The NeuroNerds’ 20th Episode! This is extra special because it’s the first time Joe and Lauren are recording an episode at Joe’s new home. They discuss the importance of family in the recovery process along with their favorite and least favorite families in nerdom. What’s your favorite nerdy family?

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    The NeuroNerds: Episode 19 - JoeSoloRocks Birthday Edition

    It’s host Joe Borges’ birthday and with moving to a new home plus co-host Lauren Manzano being tied up, he’s doing a special JoSoloRocks episode. He reflects on the move, his birthday, his plans for the future of The NeuroNerds and YouSoRocks as well as shouts out his survivor community that has helped him tremendously with his recovery.

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    The NeuroNerds: Episode 18 - Lauren's Late To The Last Jedi Party

    Better late than never, co-host Lauren has finally seen Star Wars: The Last Jedi so naturally she and co-host Joe are diving deep into Star Wars nerdom in this episode. (Spoiler alerts for all things Star Wars!) They’re talking Star Wars past, present and future. What’s your favorite Star Wars movie? Share with us on Twitter and Instagram!

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    The NeuroNerds: Episode 17 - Teamwork + Survivor Summit?

    Wouldn’t it be great to have a conference or meet-up with fellow stroke and brain injury survivors!? Co-hosts Joe and Lauren discuss ideas of just that in this latest episode. Plus they list their favorite fictional teams/support groups in comics, TV, movies and books.

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    The NeuroNerds: Episode 16 - The NeuroNerds Are Here To Help

    It’s been a tough week with the loss of public figures, Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain to suicide. Last episode’s discussion of mental health continues with a focus on suicide prevention. Co-hosts Joe and Lauren share their own personal stories and struggles with mental health and how to find help to get through it.

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    The NeuroNerds: Episode 15 - Going Mental

    Co-hosts Joe and Lauren were so busy focusing on Stroke Awareness Month in May that they didn’t get a chance to touch on the fact that May was also Mental Health Awareness Month so they’re diving into discussing it in this week’s episode. They both talk about their personal struggles with mental health as well as more about Joe’s stroke recovery journey and how it affects him mentally.

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