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At 39 years old, Joe Borges suffered a stroke in 2016 which, interestingly enough, changed his life for the better. He ended up gaining a new lease on life and now he is on a mission to live it to the fullest. Inspired to share his experience with other stroke and brain injury survivors along with anyone else who will listen, he created 'The NeuroNerds' podcast. He along with his co-host, Lauren Manzano, who is also a brain injury survivor, talk recovery, offer tips for coping and thriving.

Plus they're both big nerds and fans of all things comics, movies and pop culture which is always an underlying theme in every episode. Laugh, learn, cry, be uplifted and inspired by Joe, Lauren and the various guests featured on 'The NeuroNerds'.

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    The NeuroNerds: Episode 38 - Don't Compare Yourself To Other Turtles

    Lauren explains the symbolism behind the turtle carrying the world on its back which gets to the heart of this episode where Joe talks about the pressure and guilt he puts on himself when he compares his recovery journey to others. Lauren reminds him that ultimately comparison is the thief of happiness. Our hosts examine better ways to reframe and have compassion for others while still feeling good about their recovery process at the same time.

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    The NeuroNerds: Episode 37 - Changes

    Co-hosts Joe and Lauren discuss change in this episode. They mainly focus on change post brain injury, during recovery including its challenges, how it affects relationships and how it can help prevent future health issues. They discuss their own personal experiences with making health and lifestyle changes post brain injury and compare the differences between recovering from a traumatic brain injury like Lauren’s concussion and an acquired brain injury like Joe’s stroke. What are some changes you have made post brain injury or after a similar life changing experience?

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    The NeuroNerds: Episode 36 - The Halloween Edition

    It's almost Halloween and fresh off of seeing the new 'Halloween' movie, host Joe Borges discusses the movie with fellow horror movie connoisseur, friend and hit producer Sleep Deez! Sleep has been a guest on the show before and is the producer of our NeuroNerds theme song. The two scary movie junkies talk about everything from Chuckie, Friday the 13th to ghosts and their favorite bad scary movies. Plus Joe is super excited about his new sound fx sampler! Can you guess who's laugh that is playing throughout the episode? And what's your favorite scary movie?

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    The NeuroNerds: Episode 35 - Blade and Buffy and Morbius, Oh My!

    It's October so co-hosts Joe and Lauren are talking about their favorite vampire lore in this episode! They go through vampire lore over the centuries from Dracula's origins to Marvel's Morbius. Joe's favorite is 'Blade' and Lauren 's favorite is 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer'. What's you're favorite vampire lore? The more obscure, the better!

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    The NeuroNerds: Episode 34 - Coping with Post-Stroke & Neuro-Fatigue

    This episode is all about post-stroke and neuro-fatigue. Co-hosts Joe Borges and Lauren Manzano discuss their experiences with this condition and how they manage and cope with it. They give tips from seeing a therapist, seeking a community even if it is long distance and the importance of being patient with yourself and your progress throughout recovery. Plus, Oct 15th (the day of this podcast release) is the 3-year anniversary of Lauren’s concussion so we are celebrating her recovery and how far she has come!

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    The NeuroNerds: Episode 33 - Imposter Syndrome

    Co-hosts Joe and Lauren talk about imposter syndrome, the irrational fear of being exposed as a fraud. This condition is talked about a lot in business, but Joe and Lauren talk about how it can affect survivors. They both reflect on their own experiences with this feeling and how it has affected their recovery. Plus they relate this condition back to DC, Marvel and even The Addams Family. And Joe talks more about the new NeuroNerds Patreon and the YouSoRock Facebook Support Group. Have you joined yet?

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    The NeuroNerds: Episode 32 - The NeuroJedi High Council

    Co-host Lauren is out kicking ass so Joe’s partner and girlfriend Felice LaZae is our guest host for this episode. Joe revisits and updates us on his mental health journey with his therapist. Plus they discuss the YouSoRock Facebook Support Group and The NeuroNerds new Patreon page! Have you become a part of the NeuroJedi High Council yet?

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    The NeuroNerds: Episode 31 - Connecting Monster-verses and Other 'Verses'

    It’s another nerd heavy episode all about Kaiju monsters! Co-hosts Joe and Lauren dig into Godzilla, King Kong and other classic monsters discussing their film adaptations both good and bad. Plus they talk about their favorite devil cinematic adaptations and anime. And they hint at some big news that will be announced in the coming weeks, The NeuroNerds are getting a Patreon page where you can support the show and get cool insider stuff to connect you to the show even more so. More details coming soon!

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    The NeuroNerds: Episode 30 - Viggo Mortensen and Other Nerd Kings

    Co-host Lauren is back to nerd out with host Joe about their mutual love of nerd king, Viggo Mortensen. What makes an actor a nerd king? Any actor who has been in movies with big nerd fandom and is almost irreplaceable as the character they played like Viggo in Lord of The Rings as Aragorn, Hugh Jackman as Wolverine or Hugo Weaving in pretty much any role he’s played. Who’s your favorite nerd king?

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    The NeuroNerds: Episode 29 - Quest for a New Therapist with Guest Co-Host Bethany Noelle

    With co-host Lauren out for a pole dance competition, this episode features host Joe Borges with special guest co-host Bethany Noelle aka BooBoo. Bethany is very special to The NeuroNerds because she is our art department! She created The NeuroNerds logo and is currently designing our t-shirts which are coming soon. In this episode, Joe and Bethany discuss their quests for new psychological therapists to help with PTSD, anxiety and more. They talk about their coping mechanisms like meditation, leaning on support systems and how service and therapy dogs are great for psychiatric support.

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